Collector Car Insurance

Collector Cars Insurance

We at Brown & Brown understand your passion for the cars you collect, restore, and drive. We also know that they are more than just an investment: they're a highly personal possession that embodies your many dreams brought to life.

Innovative Coverage

Exceptional coverage is required for exceptional collections. That's why we here at Brown & Brown can provide you with plans that offer a multitude of innovative coverages and features, including:

  • "Agreed Value" coverage that can increase with the value of your car.
  • Choice of body shop
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Coverage for newly acquired autos worldwide
  • High limits for comprehensive, collision, and liability
  • Fair replacement of parts
  • Off-premises coverage
  • No deductible

Valuable Services

Our unique collector car insurance plans also offer excellent services that can prove invaluable to many of our clients.

  • A fair choice in towing company and destination
  • Safety and security inspections for your garage or storage facility
  • Referrals to top restoration specialists when needed

Our qualified, top-of-the-field carriers insure collections of all kinds, from fine art and jewelry, to homes, cars, and yachts. They understand the need and desire for customized solutions for sophisticated collectors. This is why so many of the world's passionate collectors choose Brown & Brown to build their plan for them.