Private Collections Insurance

Private Collections Insurance

Your engagement ring evokes memories of a special time and place in your life. Your collections of fine art, artifacts, jewelry, wine, china, furs, or textiles speak about your travels and adventures, your individual passions. How much will you lose if these personal treasures disappear?

Your valuable possessions tell a unique story.

Insure them with confidence, trust, and unparalleled protection.

Properly Insure Your Special Possessions

Our carriers offer broad coverage and unmatched service to help protect the very special things you've acquired and grown to love over the years. Sentimental loss is hard to replace, and our carriers ensure that any emotional loss is not compounded by a financial one.

Typical homeowners policies protect your home, personal liability, and the general contents of your house. Limits for valuable possessions like jewelry and art are usually very low in homeowners insurance. Relying solely on your homeowners policy could leave you with out-of-pocket expenses if anything is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Our carriers offer policies that can cover almost any type of loss for any kind of collection, and have very liberal appraisal requirements for your possessions. Some of the features our carriers' plans offer include:

  • Breakage of delicate possessions like crystal, china, and porcelain
  • Mysterious disappearance coverage
  • Automatic coverage of newly acquired items
  • Reduced premiums for items stored in bank vaults

Proper Knowledge is Key

Proper coverage is vital, and to have proper coverage, you need proper knowledge. Know your insurance plan well, and understand what is and what isn't covered, as well as how to better avoid a loss.

Jewelry is a commonly insured collection, and ubiquity can create obscurity. Here are some helpful tips if you plan on getting, or already have, your jewelry insured:

Common Myths About Insuring Your Jewelry

It's already covered.

Even the best homeowners policies may limit the protection of valuables. Most homeowners cover your home and the general contents. Smaller items, like jewelry, don't fall into that category very often.

It's too expensive.

Standard coverage for jewelry worn regularly costs only a tiny percentage of the item's appraised value, and coverage for jewelry stored in a vault is even cheaper.

It's too much work.

Obtaining appraisals for all of your jewelry may seem like a daunting task. Many of our carrier plans, however, only require appraisals for jewelry valued at $50,000 or more.

My jewelry isn't vulnerable.

Maybe you've taken extra efforts to protect your jewelry, including home security systems and periodic maintenance with a professional jeweler. But there will always be a risk. Every year, nearly $1 billion of jewelry disappears in the United States, and getting a proper coverage plan can help avoid an unforeseen incident.