Private Aviation

Private Aviation

The aviation market is specialized and unique. Brown & Brown Vero Beach Private Client Group helps its clients navigate the often complex and changing environment of insurance with ease.

Extensive Coverage for All of Your Needs

Everything needs proper coverage in case of an unfortunate event, and personal aircraft are no exception. Brown & Brown Personal Lines can help choose the plan that's right for you, and keep you covered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Aviation Liability with worldwide coverage
  • Aircraft hull insurance
  • Antique and classic models
  • General Liability
  • Helipad/Heliport Liability
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Workers' Compensation plans for pilots
  • Customs bonds
  • Aerial applications
  • Commercial operations/charters
  • Light Aviation

Valuable Services

On top of extensive coverage, our carriers may offer valuable services that include:

  • Emergency response planning
  • Safety management
  • Crisis management
  • Organizational training and development