Automobile Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance

Your cars may be your largest exposure. They need proper protection, and Brown & Brown can help you get it. Our carriers write broad coverage so it can apply to more situations, giving you the protection you need in almost any situation.

Insure your freedom, as well as your car.

Full and Proper Coverage

Our top-of-the-line carriers offer plans that cover almost any situation, from accidents and injuries to rentals to a stolen vehicle. Here are just some of the many features our carriers can offer:

  • Choice of Body Shop, including recommendations when needed
  • Original Equipment Manufactuerer parts for all cars
  • First Year Stolen or Totaled Replacement
  • Liability & Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage
  • Agreed Value coverage
  • Rental Insurance with Worldwide Coverage
  • Pet injury coverage

Insure Your Car. Insure Your Freedom. Insure Your Life.

Imagine this situation: It's a cold Friday night in January, and you're flying home. The plane is late, so it's past midnight when you get to the long-term lot... and you find an empty space where your shiny new car should be.

Your car has been stolen.

Improper Coverage could cost you incredible amounts of money. Many carriers will take big deductions for depreciation, ending up costing you thousands.

New Luxury Cars lose up to 15 percent of their value after they drive off the lot.

Without the right coverage, that 15 percent could be lost forever, and you end up with a check too small to cover the cost of your stolen car. But with the plans our carriers offer, you could end up with the full value of your car in just a few days.

Bad Insurance can rob you twice. Insure yourself with Brown & Brown.